Trainer Aisha Trimbach

Groningen, 1964
As a child I wanted to become a dancer. When I went to ballet class a dream came true. But dance is not just a movement technique. You also express who you are and what moves you. In that sense, movement is an encounter with oneself. Sometimes confusing and uncomfortable, but definitely interesting.

Both the physical and the emotional aspects of movement kept fascinating me. In 1987 I was introduced to a new way of treatment: Postural Integration, one of the therapies that has emerged from the Structural Integration method developed by Ida Rolf. By often slow, sometimes deep mobilizations the connective tissue, -myofascia- is released and postural and movement patterns are restructured and integrated into gravity. The contact between therapist and client, the quality of movement by the client during the mobilizations and the perception of both movements and the feelings are the key to change. This profound experience inspired me to study the four year Postural Integration program. This holistic curriculum includes the above mentioned 'Rolfing' techniques, bioenergetic character structure analysis according to Alexander Lowen, 'reading' of bodily tension patterns, Chinese medicine five elements accupressure, basic craniosacral work and of course the student's personal development. During and after this intensive time of learning I practiced also other approaches to integrate touch and movement. I taught inter alia massage courses and tango lessons.

My introduction to Pilates and later GYROTONIC® exercise were an eye-opener. I discovered that if the movements are practiced properly these process-oriented methods can help to improve postural patterns and promote wellbeing. I strongly feel the drive to connect these movement systems and structural integration and contemporary fascial release approaches like Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains body map concepts to one another. The integration is an ongoing process.

In 2004 I founded Body Mind Studio Spring Pilates. The spacious studio in the center of Maastricht offers movement education and fascial release for groups and for personal training. Quality over quantity is the starting point; individual attention to the participant is paramount. People of all ages, with their personal aspirations are welcome to participate in the lessons.

I continue to study and practice motion, experiential anatomy and methods of fascial treatment. My aspiration is to be a holistic practitioner and movement teacher. I'm asking myself and the participants of my classes: Can we move with ease, becoming looser, more open and more balanced? How do we involve the whole person in this process? How do we improve the quality of movement? And how do we make it satisfying to "work" on these aspects?
I'm in the fortunate position that my fascination has become my profession. The essence is the integration of body awareness, concentration, balance and fun. In this way Body Mind Training can be a fulfilling experience enlightening your daily life. Feel free to try a class!

One year program dance expression
Four year program Postural integration
Certified trainer Classical Pilates Comprehensive level
• Mat
• All apparatus
Certified trainer GYROKINESIS® level 1
Specialized courses:
• GYROKINESIS® Breathing course with Juliu Horvath
Certified trainer GYROTONIC® level 1
Specialized courses:
• GYROTONIC® Therapeutic application for the Pelvic Girdle
• GYROTONIC® Principles in the context of Osteopathy
• GYROTONIC® Psoas Principles

Anatomy Trains courses
Fascial release and Structural Balance with James Earls
• Arches and Legs
• Fans of the Hip
• Walking the Lines
• Masterclass BodyReading/visual assessment with Thomas Myers
• Anatomy Trains in Motion with Karin Gurtner

Franklin workshops with Eric Franklin
Psoas core awareness course with Liz koch
Fascial Fitness course with Stefan Dennenmoser
Triggerpoint - Foamrolling with Triggerpoint