Pilates for UM students and UM Employees at USC, Randwyck

For the twelfth year in collaboration with Maastricht University Sports department, on Wednesday evening and Thursday at noon Pilates Mat lessons will take place in The Body & Mind studio in USC, Randwyck. 6-9 weeks courses and walk-in classes are given for both level 1 and level 2. The new courses will start November 22.

Pilates Essentials 6 weeks (level 1 course - 6 weeks)

Move from your 'core': how do you do it and how does it feel? In this course you'll learn the basics of Pilates and improve your posture, core stabilization, control and coordination. We work on centering, concentration, flow, precision, timing and breathing. For ease of movement during your daily activities and sports, for injury recovery and injury prevention.

Pilates Connections (level 2 course - 9 weeks)

In this course we take a closer look at development of natural alignment, dynamic stability and mobility. We promote the elasticity of muscles and connective tissue.
We’ll work on awareness of the connections in your body. For example: What is the effect of your feet on your lower back? The connection between your pelvic position and your shoulders and neck? What are we using our abdominal muscles for? What is three-dimensional breathing? And how do we use those experiences in daily life?
Pilates can relieve stiffness caused by injuries, postural patterns and job-related activities and help to gain greater physical, mental and emotional spaciousness.

Beyond Pilates (movement exploration walk-in class)

A relaxing and introspective 3dbody flow with aspects of Pilates, pole dance, yoga, Feldenkrais and swimming. We move in a flowing natural way, mainly on the floor. We stretch and strengthen our muscles and connective tissue and improve coordination and motility of the joints by moving through slow spiraling sequences. This workout is pleasantly relaxing and brings you in touch with the deeper layers in yourself.  After class, you’ll feel longer, more flexible and freer.

What to wear: clothes that cover your arms, legs, belly and back so you do not get chilly when you stretch out on the floor.


At the UM Sports webshop or at the University Sports Centre front desk.
At the UM Sports website you'll find information to sign up: locations, opening hours, telephone and email of the UM Sports frontdesk. At UM Sports overview you'll find all available sports, details and occupancy of the courses.

Language: English

UMsport pilates swan

Timetable UM Sports
Wednesday evening
17.30 - 18.30 h. (level 2 course)
18.30 - 19.30 h. (level 1 course)
Thursday noon 
12.00 - 13.00 h. (walk-in class)

UMsport pilates spine stretch

Body & Mind studio at University Sports Centre
P. Debyeplein 15, Maastricht

Umsport pilates magic circle

Who can participate
• Students of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd
• UM Alumni
• Employees of Hogeschool Zuyd
• Employees UM and their partners
• Employees of the AZM and other companies and institutions at the bussiness park Randwyck