About Me

I am Aisha Trimbach.
Inventive, curious, inquisitive and unconventional.
Interested in movement that combine quality of movement and sensation from the inside out.
Fascinated by the anatomy of the body in motion, its complexity and inner connections.

You are the owner of your recovery

My goal is to give you control over your own movement recovery. To teach you how to choose, from your own experience, which steps are right for you to (continue to) move well. Now and in the future.

Who are you? What brings you here? What moves you?  What would you like for yourself?
I would like to help you experience your body from the inside out. More supple, stronger and well-coordinated. So that you can move as you wish with confidence.

Connecting with your body

My motivation in teaching and treating is to help you connect with your body, thoughts and feelings. So that you can experience yourself as a meaningful entire being and can act from there. I do this by means of movement, because it helps me the most to be in touch with my body.

I know how it is to live in your head, not in touch with your feelings or able to understand the signals of your body. Often there are good reasons for this.

How I work

I am interested in the 'how and why' and the connectedness of things. I study, look, test, experience... I am both scientifically informed and creative and intuitive. Teaching and treatment find their inspiration in the moment itself; what occurs and what you, the participant, bring to the table. Underpinned in the background by solid knowledge and experience in movement.
I love my work and am willing to look further in order to create a training that is appropriate for you. Both in group classes and in personal training.

Bea de Groote

Theatrical performer

With you, I learned to relax my body in a gentle way, to stretch and to make round smooth movements. As a result, the pain in my leg, hip and sit bones has all but disappeared.  No physio or osteopath can compete with that. Because now I do it myself.

Wil je met me werken?

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Do you want to work with me?

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