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Move effortlessly at studio Spring Pilates

Spring Pilates was founded in 2004 by Aisha Trimbach. Both group classes and individual consultations are held in the spacious bright exercise room in downtown Maastricht. Here you can train independently on authentic Pilates and gyrotonic® equipment. Do workshops and courses around a particular theme. Train your feet and learn to walk effortlessly. Get your myofascia treated. Started sixteen years ago as a studio for Classical Pilates, Spring Pilates has grown into a place where the focus is on developing a pain-free movement pattern.

Bodywork for your brain

Better movement starts with patterning good coordination. Big muscles say little about their effectiveness; here they learn to work well together. No painful stretches to get limber, but improving your muscle tone and joint mobility by resetting the feedback loop to your brain.(Oy, that does sound technical! Basically, you're changing the nerve reflexes that cause your muscles to contract when stretching hurts, so you can easily get the right length in your muscles and fascia to use your joints properly. At studio Spring Pilates, you learn to structurally expand your multidimensional range of movement .

Sensationele group lessons

A wide range of somatic movement classes that bring you closer to your core from your inner sensations and perception. You learn to feel in a natural and relaxed way what happens inside and how you move. Improving your posture and breathing, changing muscle tension and movement patterns is thus based on your own experience and not imposed by an ideal form you are trying to conform to.

You are welcome to participate in classes regardless of age, experience or (dis)ability. The exercises are tailored to your level of experience so that you progress safely and well. The class groups are “mixed level” and with a limited number of participants. This allows attention to the details that deepen the quality of your movements.

Personal Training

During personal training, you are the focus. The training or treatment can focus on recovery from injury, surgery or childbirth. Developing more strength and flexibility. Concentrating on improving your gait pattern or releasing old tension patterns and finding a better sense of balance.

Fascial Release

Adhesions and shortening of the myofascia limit your range of motion and define your posture. Slow strokes restructure your muscles connective tissue, restoring your balance and alignment from within and giving you breathing room, range and length.

Independent training

Just like in a regular gym, you can also train independently here during opening hours. Have you gained enough experience with both the mind-set and the equipment? Then you can use the Pilates Reformer and Chair and the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower.

Corporate fitness

Spring Pilates is listed with gyms and fitness centers at benVital corporate fitness. Is the company or institution where you work affiliated with benVitaal? Then choose a subscription to group classes. Ask your HRM department for more information.

A different sportschool

  • personal contact
  • experience based movement
  • waarnemen en bewustworden
  • unique classes, no dull routines
  • non-competitive
  • multidimensional exercises
  • integration pelvic floor and breathing
  • good posture from inside out

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