Corporate fitness tax benefit plan benVitaal

Corporate fitness is an appealing tool in reducing absenteism. More and more employers see the benefits and decide to motivate the exercise behavior of employees in any form. BenVitaal offers an attractive form of corporate fitness, namely the fiscal variant. Fiscal corporate fitness means that employees have the opportunity to pay the subscription fee from the gross salary. Employees enjoy a discount on the subscription fee of 33-52%, depending on the percentage of income tax paid.

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More information about this form of corporate fitness is on Here you can find the list of companies in the region that are already connected. Consider: Municipality of Maastricht, Maastricht University, Rabobank, Traject, Envida, Hogeschool Zuyd; too many to mention. Select your employer to visit the Benefit Square of your organization. You need an email address and a password. The password is to request through the personnel department of your employer or by contacting benVitaal. Is your employer still missing? Or is there indeed your employer, but you can not (yet) choose to subscribe at Spring Pilates? Contact benVitaal. They take your application, contact your employer to discuss the availability of corporate fitness, or to add Spring Pilates to the list of fitness centers and gyms from which you can already choose.

Monthly subscription
For participants of corporate fitness BenVitaal Spring Pilates offers a subscription to, payable in monthly installments of 44, -. gross. The net fare is automatically deducted from your salary and transferred to Spring Pilates via benVitaal. The tuition page shows the calculation example. For this guaranteed 42 group classes are offered each year. Subscriptions can not be suspended. Missed classes can still be overtaken at another time, provided there is room in the class. During the holidays of Spring Pilates the studio is closed.

Fit with Discount! Also for ZZPers

BenVitaal offers organizations, in addition to the tax corporate fitness regime, a collective scheme: Fit with Discount! Employees and their families of the affiliated companies and institutions can make use of discounted subscriptions offered by the affiliated sports providers. For more information: The fee for this plan is 44, -. per month, showing a 15% discount. You then pay monthly 37,40

Before enrollment inquire at Studio Spring Pilates if there is a place free at the desired time.