Juliu Horvaths' career as a ballet dancer ended after a serious back injury. To cure himself he developed a series of exercises to heal his spine. Originally he called it "Yoga for dancers'. Later he named it the Gyrokinesis method. He also developed several devices that allow the student to practice these moves continuously. This form is called GYROTONIC® training.

Waves, circles and spirals
The Gyrokinesis method is a dynamic form of exercise that promotes strength and flexibility of the spine. This method incorporates movement principles of dance, swimming, yoga, T'ai Chi and gymnastics. It mobilizes and stretches your joints, muscles and fascia by rhythmic, undulating, spiraling and circular movements of the spine. The flowing movements stimulate the functioning of the organs, nervous system, meridians and chakras. Gyrokinesis exercises are performed in series and integrated with a specific breathing pattern in a harmonious, rhythmic flow. Compared with traditional yoga it feels more like a dance and swimming. Gyrokinesis exercises are practised while sitting on a stool, sitting and lying on a mat and in standing positions. The method is perfect for people with back problems.

Three core principles:

The Seed Center
The Seed Centre is located in the center of gravity of your pelvis. Every movement arises from this center. It connects you with deeper layers within yourself.

Narrowing of the pelvis
The narrowing move creates uprightness of the spine, space between the vertebrae of your lower back and in your hip and shoulder joints. It provides a good sense of grounding.

The 5th Line
The 5th line represents the direction of energy flow through your body. Activating the 5th line is a way to extend your muscles and feel your own strenght.