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Stuck in your body?
Discover how Spring Pilates helps you  moving and feeling well 

Experienced in movement

Tell me how you would like to move...

Worries about your body?

Ever caught your reflection in a window and thought, "Is that me?
And what gave me such a round back?"

Have wrong posture habits or stiff muscles and joints changed your posture? Do you think your body is already too far out of balance to correct it?

Afraid of the future pain in your back and neck in 5 or 10 years?

Posture problems are essentially a sub-optimal relationship with gravity. You have come to the right place to restore your balance, improve your posture and enjoy moving again.

I can help you:

  • make your spine long, strong and flexible
  • Creating space in your joints from the inside out
  • Make your joints move smoothly so that you can effortlessly do what you want
  • Improve your movement habits with a focus on good balance
  • Wake up rested, in a good mood and energetic

Is this about you?

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Are you looking for...

Group lessons

 Essential Pilates

 gyrokinesis® training

 Fascia in Motion

Somatic Flow

 Effortless Walking

  • Attention to quality of movement, posture and alignment
  • Dynamic balance to support sport and everyday activities
  • Based on contemporary scientific insights

Does it appeal to you?

Personal Training

 Pilates Reformer 

 gyrotonic® training

 Myofascial Release

Anatomy in Motion

  • Personal guidance, tailored to your body needs and aspirations
  • Complementary methods for effective, efficient and sustainable progression
  • Training on authentic equipment that challenges and supports your body

Tailored to your needs?


  workshops for free

  • Experience-based learning how your body works
  • Creating sustainable freedom of movement from within
  • Getting to know Spring Pilates


My working method

Moving from the inside out

I am Aisha Trimbach.  
Trainer and owner of Studio Spring Pilates in Maastricht Since 2004. No class is the same with me. I get inspired by what you, the participant, bring to the class. My classes are spontaneous, fresh and focused on you in the here and now. You are welcome with all your questions and wishes and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Professional and personal experience with body-oriented psychotherapy, dance, various somatic movement disciplines and exercise therapies, manual treatment of muscles and fascia and my unceasing curiosity about how and why people move the way they do have formed me into an seasoned trainer. In cooperation with you, I do what works at that moment to structure your experience, to deepen it and to make you move and feel better.

more about me

Hear, hear!

What my clients say

In everything Aisha's passion and love for the profession is visible and tangible, and that makes the lessons fascinating and special.

Toos Smeets

Long distance walker

What makes me feel top fit, healthy, full of energy and years younger again and.... better at golf?
Aisha offers personal training that is not only highly technical but also has a mastery of the interpersonal aspects.

Joep Peeters

Golf player

The atmosphere is relaxed and respectful. I dare to say it when I have complaints.

I have less pain. When something starts to bother me, I do my exercises. I can relax better. I also walk better.

Manon van Maldegem


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