Group lessons overview

A wide range of movement classes

Brings you closer to your core from your inner sensations and perceptions. You learn to feel where and how you move from the inside out in a natural and relaxed way.

Changing your posture and movement patterns

Improvement in breathing pattern and muscle tonus is based on your own experience and not imposed by an ideal form that you try to conform to.

You are welcome to participate in all classes

regardless of age, experience or movement issues. The exercises will be adapted to your level of experience so that you can progress safely and well.
Classes are mixed level with a limited number of participants.
This way there is attention to the details that will enhance the quality of your movements.

You don't have to wear tight leggings, unless you love to wear them ;-)

Essential Pilates

basis for conscious movement

Classic Pilates exercises with a contemporary twist. Balance between intrinsic and superficial muscles. Breathing, rhythm and timing. Attention to essence and purpose of the movement and quality of execution. Spring Pilates unit and stability ball.
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Fascia in Movement

fascial fitness from head to toe

Anatomy Trains in motion. Experience the freedom of movement of myofascial connectivity from your toes to your fingertips. Standing, kneeling, sitting and lying down sequences on the mat, performed in a fluid way.
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gyrokinesis® lessons

yoga for your spine

3D circular, undulating and spiralling sequences mobilise and balance your spine. Together with a specific breathing pattern, they integrate into a harmonious, rhythmic flow, similar to a dance.
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Effortless gait

whole-body foot training

Do you suffer from painful feet, knees, hips?  Do you avoid climbing stairs, walking, standing? Discover how to improve your posture and move effortlessly by training your feet in relationship to your whole body. This skill will enable you to fix your movement problems yourself from now on!

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Bea de Groote

Theatre maker

With you, I learned to relax my body in a gentle way, to stretch and to make curved smooth movements. As a result, the pain in my leg, hip and sit bones has all but gone.  No physio or osteopath can compete with that. Because now I can handle it myself.

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