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Natural gait

 77 sec.  fragment from "When the moment sings - the muse within"

A step Forward - Effortless Gait

Did you see the buoyancy in the pelvic joints, the swing of the arms and legs, the winding and unwinding of the spine and the elongation from the inside out?
I get very excited about all of this!

How would you feel if you needed less energy for walking, so that you could use it for other things you want to do?
Walking effortlessly, keeping your balance easily, climbing stairs without an aching knee, dancing with supple hips, gardening without your back protesting?
How would the quality of your life change?

Are you suffering from ?

  • balance problems

  • hallux valgus

  • heelspur

  • sprained ankle
  • aching  knee
  • bursitis in the area of your pelvis
  • nagging stiff lower back
  • shoulder issues
  • tight or sore neck
  • stiffness after going for a walk
What the Foot?

Walking from head to toe

Two specialists in the art of walking: Gary Ward, author of "What the Foot?" and James Earls, author of "Born to Walk", taught me how foot posture is related to posture and movement discomfort elsewhere and how to solve gait problems sustainably by walking with your whole body. All joints, muscles, fascia must work together with the right timing to be able to walk in a balanced way. Restriction in one place (often not felt) causes overload in another place (loud and clear). The art is to discover what is missing and to integrate lost movements back into the entirety.

Solve it and learn how to walk effortlessly!

The way you move is embedded in your nervous system like a fingerprint.  Often your movement habits change through injuries, accidents, surgery. Learning other, better habits does not always happen by itself. The best results are achieved when you carefully observe, sense and move, so that your brain starts establishing new connections with your muscles and fascia.

A whole range of standing, sitting and laying exercises will help you become aware of and feel your movement patterns. What you are (or are not) moving, how you can bring more mobility to the parts of your body that are not participating enough and what the natural timing and sequence is to walk smoothly, elegantly and without pain. In the lessons in effortless walking you will investigate and experience what is missing and integrate the lost movements back into the entire body so that you can start moving effortlessly.

"Born to Walk" James Earls
Spring Pilates Maastricht