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When I first tried Gyrokinesis exercises, I was immediately fascinated. The rhythmic repetitions, subtle stretching, feeling the mobilisation of fascia and the small joints between the vertebrae... The movements are light, elegant, dance-like. I felt longer, more spacious and open, full of energy. And no soreness afterwards!

Spiralling workout

  • flexibele spine
  • long muscles and gliding fascia
  • better coordination from the inside out
improves circulation
    breath connecting and supporting movement

deepens your body awareness
increases your energy levels
  • promotes good posture

Yoga for your spine

Gyrokinesis was originally known as "Yoga for Dancers". Gyrokinesis exercises feel like swimming . . . flowing, graceful and continuous movement. This graceful system treats the body as a whole; stretching, relaxing the nerves, strengthening the spine, muscles and fascia. The method was created by the ballet dancer Juliu Horvath. It was developed from the main movement principles of Yoga, T'ai Chi, dance, swimming and gymnastics.

Cirkels, arcs and spirals

Flowing, rhythmic training, built around fundamental movements of the spine: circles, waves, side bends and spirals. Inspired by the natural movements of animals, such as a cat washing itself or a dog yawning. The aim is to stimulate and move every system - muscles, joints and the nervous system - so that your whole body can experience increased vitality. Gyrokinesis exercises are done sitting on a stool, lying down and standing up. They are performed in series and, together with a specific breathing pattern, integrated into a harmonious, rhythmic flow, similar to a dance.

Energy from within

We start with a subtle warming-up as a preparation for movement. You take the time to get in touch with your body and with your breath. In this phase, you will loosen your arms, shoulders and neck to begin the class. The second part of the class is a series of undulating, circling and twisting movements of the spine, designed to create warmth and flexibility in all directions. The third phase is a series of exercises that strengthen your centre and upper body and make the muscles and joints of your hips and legs flexible. All exercises generate energy and a sense of harmony from within.

Gyrokinesis changes your energy, the way you move in the world, your confidence in yourself and your body. It changes everything...

Targeting stress

Gyrokinesis exercises balance the spine and are therefore beneficial if you have joint problems, scoliosis, a swayback, a rounded back or a stressful job. Because the spine is closely connected to the nervous system, the rhythmic movements calm the nerves and stimulate the auto-immune system.

Here you can watch a  demonstration video Gyrokinesis  from the Gyrotonic Institute which develops and teaches this method. The participants in this video are master trainers, the people who teach me. The method is also wonderful for ordinary mortals like you and me, especially if you want to become and remain supple.

Manon van Maldegem

caregiver and art lover

After everything I have tried, Gyrokinesis is the first thing that has really helped me. I was pleasantly surprised that these exercises have such a positive effect. They are not heavy, do not inflict pain and you are not exhausted after a lesson. An additional advantage is that through all the knowledge Aisha has of our movement systems, I started moving much more consciously. You also learn to solve things yourself. If I have pain in my lower back I now know which exercises will help.

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