Somatic Flow classes

Natural movement from within

relax with ease in your body
  • gain flexibility
  • recovering from injuries and operations
experience inner connection
  • more range of movement

sense balance and proprioception

improve essential coordination
improving circulation in all tissues
deepening of breathing
alleviating fibromyalgia

In the Somatic Flow classes, you dive into the earliest development of your movement patterns. As babies and toddlers we all gradually develop a variety of movement skills that form the basis of our later movement repertoire. We learn to lift our heads, turn on our stomachs and backs, stretch and roll, reach, pull and push, sit, crawl, stand and walk. At the same time we develop our muscles and our coordination. Sometimes we partially skip phases and our later movement patterns may lack natural ease and flexibility.

Moving without pain

When you are an adult and want to adress movement issues - such as a lack of balance, stiffness, 'clumsiness', recovering from an injury or surgery - or simply want to feel taller, more spacious and flexible, it is essential to move well at all levels from lying down to standing up. The most significant changes and improvements in movement patterns and pain relief occur below the level of standing and walking.

Enjoyment, integration and relaxation

During the Somatic Flow classes, you take the time to rediscover the natural joy of your primal movement patterns. Moving in a quiet introspective way, most of the time on the floor. Muscles and connective tissue become more flexible. Coordination and mobility of joints improves in a playful way by means of slow, often spiralling sequences. Moving in this way promotes the natural elasticity of your body. The lessons are agreeably relaxing and bring you into contact with deeper levels in yourself. After the lesson you feel more tall, spacious and relaxed.

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