Moving effortlessly

I once started doing Pilates because I got pain in my back during abdominal exercises at the gym. of course, I wanted to know what I could do about it.  Have you also noticed that you no longer move that easily?Have you tried everything to get rid of your symptoms? And did they come back again? Investigating and understanding why your body is complaining is the first step in structurally resolving your pain.

Returning injuries

If your body is functioning well, you can do what you want without thinking about it. If it doesn't...  well, you know how that makes you feel. Over time, have your exercise symptoms received all sorts of diagnoses and labels?Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, worn knees, herniated discs, scoliosis, bursitis, leg length discrepancy, stretched ligaments and so on.... Treatments mainly aimed at solving your complaint? Sometimes it helped only temporarily... Time to find the source!

Not just a local issue

Take some time to look carefully at your physical history:  Bruises, strains, a fall on the head or tailbone, fractures, a difficult childbirth, surgeries: How did you adjust your movement pattern then and then at the complaint that came after? The oldest injuries and those to which no attention was paid have the greatest impact!

Recurring complaints indicate a structural problem in your whole body that has not been resolved. Parts of your body are overloaded, pressurized, stretched by unconscious habits. The precise and subtle functioning of your smaller stability muscles that support your large movement muscles has become disrupted. As a result, some joints move too much; others are too stiff. Your fascia may be adhered. Recurring localized pain is usually not the cause of your movement pattern, but its consequence.

Posture and unbalanced strain

Take as an example:  You have your big toe severe hurt. The doctor (and your body) tells you not to load your big toe for the time being. So you turn your forefoot a little more outward while walking. You move your foot less. As a result, you no longer stretch your knee fully. And your hip doesn't. Your hip flexors shorten and now have to lift that leg forward because of lack of extension. Your lower back vertebrae rotate more to one side. Your weight leans more to your “good” side. Your arms move differently in your shoulder sockets. Your neck muscles shorten unilaterally.

As one part of your body functions differently, the mobility in your whole body adjusts accordingly. After 6 weeks, the injury is healed, but you continue to move differently.
Some time later you slowly feel nagging pain in your shoulder....

The pain you feel in your shoulder afterwards does not resolve with strengthening exercises for your shoulder muscles. Injections of cortisone into your joint only help for a short time. To improve your movement pattern, your foot will have to start using all 33(!) joints again with the right timing. In relation to your other foot. With your knee. And your hip, your spine, your shoulderblade. So that your posture comes back into balance. Then your shoulder will no longer be overloaded and the irritation can heal.

Take charge of your recovery process

Fortunately, your body has resilience and self-healing abilities.  All you have to do is create the right environment.  Take the pressure off your painful spots ]. Become aware of the small movement restrictions that have crept into your system. By self-testing, observing, feeling and knowing about your body re-learning to move and use what you once avoided for good reason. So that your overused muscles and joints recover. You regain your balance. Experience confidence and joy in your body again. Sounds plausible, right?

Want to know how to take charge of your own recovery process?

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