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I teach a variety of holistic movement disciplines and treatments. In practice, I use from my “toolbox” what works best at the time. However, for clarity, it is good to experience the methods individually several times. The equipment for Pilates and gyrotonic® training is specially designed to experience the essence of the method.

Taking time for yourself to learn to move properly and relaxed is a gift to your body. You, the inhabitant of that body, reap the benefits. Discover how efficient and integrated movement in practice improves your life, so you can (continue to) do the things that are important relaxed and with pleasure.

Pilates Reformer

Moving from your core
The Pilates Reformer adds spring resistance throughout your workout. This allows you to do “closed chain” strength and stability training that involves your whole body.
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gyrotonic® Pulley Tower

Moving without restrictions
The Pulley Tower unit effortlessly guides you through circles and spirals, getting all your joints moving. Experience length and space in your body. Integrate efficiency and elegance.
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Anatomy In Motion

Relearning effortless gait pattern
Discover how old injuries and habits affect your daily movement patterns. Experience the exercises that make a difference. Become the owner of your own recovery process and solve it.
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Myofascial Release series

Feeling comfortable in your body
Release tension patterns that determine your posture through deep treatment of the muscle connective tissue. Good alignment from the inside out. Experiencing your body as a whole.
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Independent training

Training with authentic apparatus
In addition to taking Group Classes or Personal Training You can train individually here with the exercise equipment: Gyrotonic Pulleytower, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chair, Pilates Ladder Barrel and Hump Barrel.
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