Pilates Reformer Training

Strenght and stability from within

Individualized movement education tailored to your body and fitness level. Movement with attention to all the details in execution. During the training you lie, sit and stand on the Universal Reformer, a device designed by Joseph Pilates that works with the principle of spring resistance. The Reformer gives 'feedback' in a pleasant way: it supports and balances your body, corrects imbalanced muscle tension and gives you resistance so you feel where your strength and stability come from. The Reformer functions as an extension of your body and allows you to move with precision. You will discover muscles you never knew you had!

Moving from your core

Strength comes from your center. Integrate Pilates principles at a deep level so that in your daily life you can easily find your balance between core stability and agility and know how to bend, lift, reach, push, twist, jump safely and smoothly....

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.

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Reformer  Personal Training ?

Three introductory lessons together cost 175.
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