General terms and conditions for participation in classes

Members attend weekly lessons at fixed times, unless other arrangements have been made.

Tuition / fee is paid in advance by 12 or 24 lessons (1 or 2 classes per week)
or per 50 of 100 lessons (1 or 2 classes per week).
The payment periods are contiguous until membership is terminated.

How en when to end your membership
Membership ends by written notice. The notice period for membership is four weeks prior to the effective date of a new installment; ie, around the 8th/16th class or around the 46th/92th class of a payment period.

Make up classes
One can make up classes that are missed. To keep this flexible system workable, the following rules apply for this:
• Classes can be made up at another time, subject to availability and if at least 24 hours in advance you have cancelled your regular classtime.
• If you have cancelled too late or not at all, the lesson can not be made up.
• You can cancel your class only by email or phone, not by tekstmessage.

Participants are at all times responsible for observing and following instructions concerning safety in performing the exercises and handle materials. Participants are deemed to have read these terms and declare by participation in classes this chord.

Download the full version of the terms and conditions here as a PDF.